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@hippieswordfish : [in bed] WIFE: *pulls away from kissing* does he really have to be here ME: yes i paid good money for this NBA JAM ANNOUNCER: HES HEATING UP

@hippieswordfish: ROOMMATE: oh shit it's that spider, you take care of it
ME: ugh fine *crouches by the spider* listen're late on rent again

@hippieswordfish: boy they weren't kidding about cigarettes being addictive; I can't stop eating these things!!

@hippieswordfish: [bus stop]
'help! is there a doctor around?'
im a dr
'this guy got shot'
how does that make you feel
'what are u doing?'
im a psychiatrist

@hippieswordfish: Neolib twitter: “my 1 year old just asked me why Donald trump holds such disdain for women and minorities?”

My Twitter: my 6 year old just asked “Why does dogs elbows is so sharp”

@hippieswordfish: weird that u can die from drinkin too much water but also die from not drinking enough water. Also u will die even drinking the right amount

@hippieswordfish: 'some ppl call me the space cowboy'
um okay
'some call me the gangster of love'
'some call me m-'
sir we just need a name for your latte

@hippieswordfish: I condemn the archaic Mother's Day tradition of having every mother in the world fight each other to determine who is the greatest

@hippieswordfish: FRED: *removing villains mask*
SCOOBY DOO: rarent we rall rust rearing retaphorical rasks to risguise rour true rideous relves
FRED: what