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@iTomFoolery : We’ve had the selfie and now the selfie stick. So when will our phones be renamed Selfones.

@iTomFoolery: Tatum is Latin for potato.
Channing is from ancient times when someone brilliant was “The Chan”.
So Channing Tatum is a brilliant potato.

@iTomFoolery: Justin has his Beliebers.
1D have their Directioners.
If I ever had fans/stalkers I’d call them Tomaskateers.

@iTomFoolery: If it was the choice between having the last pizza on earth or the last sex on earth, which toppings would you have on your pizza.

@iTomFoolery: I’m Winston Wolf, I fix problems. So I hear you’re having a bad hair day.

@iTomFoolery: I mixed coffee with Red Bull, now I can see the invisible things my kitten pounces on.

@iTomFoolery: How soon is it going to be before school spelling tests only requires getting the first three letters correct until google does the rest.