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@iamspacegirl : uh NEWS FLASH Keith ur name rhymes w/ teeth. Yea how do u like them apples Mouth Boy. How do u like them apples promoting good oral hygiene

@iamspacegirl: Santa: its snowing Christmas is canceled Put everything in the garbage

Elves: no!

Rudolph: what if I told you I had a very small red light

@iamspacegirl: every snail has a perfectly baked cinnamon bun inside its shell

@iamspacegirl: which part of the centaur carries the centaur babies is it the lady torso or the horse torso and why can't I stop thinking about this

@iamspacegirl: *brain waking up*
oh god please not again I can't keep existing in this reality

*brain 20 minutes later*
1000000 chameleons is a chamillion

@iamspacegirl: [answering door on halloween]

please stop giving the children hamsters

ME *hands full of hamsters*:
but it's Halloween

@iamspacegirl: Me: oh hi! Did you come over because I'm sad? How do you always know when I need you?

Cat: get me my damn jingle mouse.

Me: I love you too

@iamspacegirl: Columbus: I claim this cake for Spain.
Also these Slim Jims are for Spain, too.
And maybe the

me: dude, that's my mom's cassero-

C: Spain.

@iamspacegirl: [mouse plane]

mouse pilot: hello folks, this is your captain squeaking-

*mouse passengers squeal with delight*

@iamspacegirl: God: *making Eve from Adam's rib*
Adam: That's a weird way to make people
God: Lol wait till you see how she does it