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@isabelzawtun : I am using the Netflix account of my •little sister's •prom date's •ex girlfriend How many degrees of separation are you from your Netflix account?

@isabelzawtun: We all talk about the early bird getting the worm but what if I'm a worm and sleeping in could save my life

@isabelzawtun: Me: wow I can't believe these were only 2 dollars, they look like such good quality nobody will ever know they weren't expensive!

Someone: oh wow nice pants

Me (beaming with pride): THEY WERE 2 DOLLARS

@isabelzawtun: Movie trivia is always like, "The actor improvised when he screamed & threw the plate, so the reactions of fear from his co-stars are real. The actress who played the mom was 2 years older than the actress who played her daughter."

@isabelzawtun: I made this sign for a broken stepladder at work & honestly I think I need to make one for myself too

@isabelzawtun: "Veggies?" The subway sandwich artist looks at me smugly. He knows I only want meat & cheese. He knows I fear the judgement of the line behind me. His hand hovers over the pale, wet lettuce. A bead of sweat drips down my forehead. The air between us crackles

@isabelzawtun: Bury me in a werewolf costume so when I come back as a zombie people will be like "lol what"

@isabelzawtun: Is there any rejection more humiliating than when you try to tickle someone and it doesn't work

@isabelzawtun: Me accepting an Oscar: and I'd like to thank the designer who made my beautiful gown: the 5 rats who live in the alley behind my house. Not magical rats that can talk or sing, just a normal regular buncha rats - STOP PLAYING THE MUSIC I'M NOT FINISHED