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@kumailn : My Game Of Thrones review: Even my cat is a mess.

@kumailn: Me: “Time to go to sleep.”
Brain: “Good call.”
*A beat*
Brain: “Hey what do you think is gonna happen at this elect—“
Me: “I DON’T KNOW!!!”

@kumailn: I was interviewing my cat & she just kept meowing nonsensically but I didn't wanna interrupt or challenge her because I was afraid she'd end the interview!

@kumailn: Pitch: child wishes to become big & does. Gets job at toy company & his youthful perspective doesn't help cuz he's got the brain of a child.

@kumailn: I'm gonna go see the new Annabelle movie just to watch a less evil entity on a screen.

@kumailn: "You calling them Nazis is what turned them into Nazis."
I've been calling my cat a "gorgeous little muffin" for years so now I'm terrified.

@kumailn: Just ate a glazed donut flavored protein bar. It tasted like someone describing a donut to me while I shove sawdust into my mouth.

@kumailn: "Forget our mess. I'll go into the beauty of the natural world."
*Planet Earth 2. 100 snakes swarm iguana baby*
"I'll go back to the news."

@kumailn: My new year's resolution is that donuts have no calories.

@kumailn: Every text from my mom is the most heart breaking thing I've ever read. Until the next text from my mom.