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@kyry5 : [1st date] *hiding that I'm actually a Zamboni* Date: Now that we've broken the ice- Me: *nervously sweats while rolling across the floor*

@kyry5: Me: *popping out of a giant cake, screaming* "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PUT ME IN THERE AFTER YOU BAKED IT"

@kyry5: [God creating the stingray]

Ya know Peter, I was getting out of the shower this morning and thought "what if I made my bathmat a murderer?"

@kyry5: One time a guy left a full glass of sangria behind on a first date and I pretended I forgot my sunglasses so I could run back and chug it.

@kyry5: [Girl's night out]

Girl 1: Omg I haven't had sex in so long, I swear I have cobwebs down there

Spider-Man's GF: *nervous laugh* HAHA SAME

@kyry5: The Constitution has barely been altered in 200 years, but my $300 textbook is worth $0.82 bc they came out with a new edition mid-semester.

@kyry5: The reason I switched from a backpack to a messenger bag is so that I look more classy and professional carrying nothing but snacks to work.

@kyry5: Me: "This Chardonnay is so nice, I can really taste the oaky undertones"

"Sir those are just chunks of cork from opening it with your keys"

@kyry5: At a business meeting:

"How about SuperCupid?"

"No, expectations will be too high"



"Uhhh, OKCupid?"


@kyry5: I never got why people liked sitting home without pants so much until I was without a job for a week. Now I don't get why people have jobs.