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@lmwortho : The best revenge is a life lived well or cyanide in their coffee.

@lmwortho: I wrote ‘I loathe ‘ and ac finished it with ‘people’. I’m gonna marry my phone.

@lmwortho: You: I’m so hard on myself.

People on the internet: Hold my beer.

@lmwortho: *stubs toe

*puts $100 in the swear jar

@lmwortho: I'd run away but I've got too many clothes.

@lmwortho: I think if a trained monkey could drive a car, cook & give out money, my kids wouldn't notice it wasn't me. I need a monkey.

@lmwortho: I'm going to adopt a tapeworm. Perfect pet, cheap to feed, doesn't pee, bark, chew stuff or sit on your head. Best bit, it makes you skinny.