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@realHamOnWry : Three strangers came to the door and asked if I’d found Jesus. I said no, then offered to join in the manhunt.

@realHamOnWry: Cat: Why are you looking at me?

Me: You're acting strange.

Cat: Strange?

Me: Are you on drugs?

Cat:’re the one who thinks I'm talking.

@realHamOnWry: What did I learn today?

Red Bull does not give you wings...and I should be out of the hospital in two to three months.

@realHamOnWry: Cell phones are like babies now ... except, nobody leaves their phone with a stranger while they go off to work.

@realHamOnWry: My hamster, Max, was involved in a terrible accident. He must have fallen asleep at the wheel.

@realHamOnWry: As you grow older you'll start feeling your body getting stiffer. But don't worry ... it's just rigor mortis practicing for the big day.

@realHamOnWry: Not to brag, but I never had to take a vow of celibacy. It just kinda happened naturally.

@realHamOnWry: If my mom had her own music genre it would be heavy meddle.

@realHamOnWry: [Delta Airlines Interview]

Me: Sorry I'm 3 hours late.

Interviewer: You're hired!

@realHamOnWry: I have to admit that while kids are a great gift I still prefer to play with the box they came in.