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Page of reczit's best tweets

@reczit : Of course I know about dates.
Each 100 gm of dates contains 75 gm of carbohydrate and 2.5 gm of protein.

Much healthy.

@reczit: Smartphone owners are the bravest. They're not afraid of anything not even death.
They can walk into any running truck without giving a damn

@reczit: Help is a magic word.
Say it to people & watch them disappearing from the horizon of your life.

@reczit: I'm afraid of people who keep smiling all the time. I feel like they still have plenty of space left for more bodies in their basement.

@reczit: Dear messed-up memory, please tell me where are my keys instead of reminding me that shit I did on May 08, 2002 at 09;13;54 PM.

@reczit: Ancient guys used to invent good stuff because they never had to untangle their headphones seventy three times every day.

@reczit: Eighty seven percent of single people are single because they don't want to share their pizza with anyone.