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@stevemarriott : I lost my camouflage wallet, so if you happen to see it, then it's shitty camouflage and I don't want it back

@stevemarriott: [Preparing for a heist]

Boss: Whoa! You brought in new guys? They aint gonna squeal are they?

Me *with a gang of doves*: Naw man, they coo

@stevemarriott: Mediocrites was not the greatest hero from Greek mythology, but nor was he the worst

@stevemarriott: [invention of Moist Towelette]

So, we've got a product that everyone will use, now let's give it a name nobody wants to say

@stevemarriott: [McDonalds board meeting]

CEO: We need some mascots that cater to children. Kids love clowns, criminals and eggplants right?

@stevemarriott: Fun fact: if you play Hotel California backwards, and slowed down 30bpm, there's a fantastic hidden quiche recipe