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@themiltron : humans: we're gonna eat you chicken: shit, i guess i better lay some eggs to further the species humans: cool, we'll eat those too

@themiltron: PERSON WHO JUST INVENTED WINDOWS: Check it out.


@themiltron: [the invention of money]
i want your stuff
"it's mine tho"
what if i gave you a hard circle or a long paper

@themiltron: her: what's your sign? im a cancer
me [never heard of astrology before]: im a aids

@themiltron: i hate the outside
*invents houses*
i kinda miss it now
*invents windows*

@themiltron: [first day as a coroner]
me: he died at 11:42AM
detective: are you positive
me: it's hard with all this death but i'm hanging in there

@themiltron: i couldn't tell you, officer, they were wearing masks, they could have been any group of armed anthropomorphic turtles

@themiltron: god: behold, my creatio--
people: some rocks are more important than others
god: what?
people: i would literally kill for the yellow rock

@themiltron: [god creating snakes]

how about a sock that's angry all the time

@themiltron: scientist 1: how did you discover that dolphins have sex for pleasure?

scientist 2: [flashback to the craziest night of their life] math