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@thenatewolf : HUMAN BODY: I can grow a fully formed human baby in like 9 months. I'm talking brain, functioning respiratory system, eyeballs, everything. ME: Cool, cool. How long will it take for my twisted ankle to feel better? HUMAN BODY: 7 years and it will never be the same.

@thenatewolf: *First day as an exorcist*

ME: [voice a bit louder than normal] Just gonna put this GHOST PIE on top of this harmless pile of leaves. Sure hope no GHOSTS see it...

@thenatewolf: They should make 9-1-2 a number you can call when it's not quite an emergency but you still need to vent.

"Hello, Operator? Yeah, there's a bird on my car... No, I'm in the house, but I can see him through the window."

@thenatewolf: "Pa rump pum pum pum?"

"Screw it, we gotta get this out and Christmas is tomorrow"

@thenatewolf: The most unbelievable part about Sesame Street (a show with an 8 foot bird) is that there is only one grouch in the whole neighborhood.

@thenatewolf: I have a hot house to protect me from the cold outside. Inside my hot house I have a smaller cold house to protect my food from the heat of my hot house.

@thenatewolf: *Creator of Charlie Brown sits down to draw a cartoon*

What do eight-year-old boys look like again? Bald? It's bald, right?

@thenatewolf: LION TAMER: I'm a lion tamer.

LION: For now.

@thenatewolf: Using Instagram as my only data set, I estimate my friend’s food budget to be about $78,000 a year.

@thenatewolf: If your name is π, and your mom is standing at the top of the stairs yelling “3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286…” you're about to get in some trouble.