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@urmumsausername : *Someone messages me* I hope your well And I'm like, you hope my well what? You hope my well is fine? You hope my well is providing me with clean water? HOW DO YOU KNOW I HAVE A WELL, WHAT DO YOU HOPE FOR IT & WHY CAN'T YOU FINISH YOUR SENTENCE?

@urmumsausername: The bananas in my fruit bowl were overripe
Fruit flies everywhere!
I tried to kill them
But I just ended up giving them a round of applause

@urmumsausername: At first I was afraid
I'd be electrified
I dropped a knife over my toaster now it's trapped inside
& I spent oh so many minutes
Thinking how to right this wrong
The current's strong
Will I be dead before too long?

@urmumsausername: *Unexpected item in the bagging area*

Me: Well what item exactly WERE you expecting?

@urmumsausername: Do the sellers of 'The Daily Cannabis' newspaper shout


They so should

@urmumsausername: My son just walked into the room, said hello, asked how I was, then left.

He didn't actually want anything.

I know! Incredible!

Oh and then I fainted.

@urmumsausername: Now I lay me down to sleep
I hope you like this and retweet
If I should die before I wake
I may have eaten too much cake

@urmumsausername: I saw a TV for sale for only £1 because the volume button was stuck
Did I buy it?
Of course I did!
Well, I couldn't turn it down
Could I?

@urmumsausername: Dear America

Would you please take the 's' off the word 'legos' and put it back on the word 'math' where it belongs.

Many thanks