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@vineyille : After dinner the other husbands and I retire to the garage and silently take turns climbing my new ladder.

@vineyille: Celebrating christmas in another country, santa leaves a chicken cutlet in my boot. "Is that good?" No one will make eye contact with me.

@vineyille: FBI: I can’t unlock my phone
Genius: is that a fake mustache over your mustache?
FBI into earpiece: Operation Twostache has been compromised

@vineyille: "First off I want to wish my opponent the best of luck and oh god. OH GOD NO" - presidential candidate accidentally using their 3rd wish

@vineyille: Trapped in a crevice. “Go on boy, get help.” The dog chews off my one free arm. “Ok yeah bring that back to town I guess”

@vineyille: "I saw mommy kissing santa claus" has the same number of syllables as "I saw someone die at Disney World." Life's funny like that.

@vineyille: Me: Just a glass of water
Scientist waiter: You mean a glass of... yourself? You see, the body is made up of ok ok sit down I'll bring it

@vineyille: My hateful coworkers discovered that I eat my lunch in the air ducts and now they've taken to smacking the air ducts with a broom.

@vineyille: If you like piña coladas / Getting caught in the rain / Drink this piña colada / It was caught in the rain

@vineyille: If Trump wins I’m moving to my last Sim City 2000 save file.