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@wolfpupy : making internet enemies is a lot easier than making internet friends but i guess it does keep the curse protection talisman industry alive.

@wolfpupy: occult darling Dracula needs to get a grip. having his own dirt shipped in to sleep on, what a piece of shit. me, i'll sleep on any dirt

@wolfpupy: next time you hear The Boys Are Back In Town think of me, the unsung hero, who chases the boys out of town with a broom

@wolfpupy: [the ghost of christmas future points at my grave] finally im dead [i lay down in the grave] stop kicking me ghost im not learning anything

@wolfpupy: i will be the first to admit when something is my fault, it really undercuts the other people blaming me for things

@wolfpupy: why would someone leave a hollowed out pumpkin on their front porch if they didnt want me living in it

@wolfpupy: you couldn't be more wrong, i on the other hand could be far more wrong due to my incredibly vast stupidity

@wolfpupy: life is a continuous learning experience, so i can spend all my time not paying attention and drawing cartoons on notepaper just like school

@wolfpupy: [david attenborough voice] wolves, also known as nature's best animal, have been cool for hundreds of thousands of years

@wolfpupy: a good captain goes down with the ship, i personally don't need a professional obligation to sink to the bottom of the ocean, i just do it