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If I say “I don’t know, let me look”, I’m really just spinning around in my chair a few times while you’re on hold.


Someone already tweeted it’s hot outside.

Delete your tweet.


[giraffe party]
me: see?! i told you…
wife: honey, it’s fine.
me: *scanning room for another giraffe wearing his tie up by his head* nope. i’m moving mine down.


ok you’re a superhero but your powers only activate when the bottom of your socks get wet


Best thing about drinking in downtown LA is that if u need a bathroom, it’s all around you


Me: *Calls wife* Hey, did you know that cats use their whiskers to see if they can fit through places.

Wife: Yeah, is this why your calling me?

Me: Haha no, I’m stuck in the chimney.


Me: I’ll never be like my parents

Also me: If you kids don’t stop fighting, I’ll pull this car over and you can walk home!


Saw a TV at the dumpster with a sign that said ‘free TV’ and boy do I feel stupid, I paid $200 for the last TV sitting at a dumpster


Griddle me this!!

– Batman villain ordering breakfast.


[she comes home with a doggy bag]

Her: Here, boy, I have a treat for you *sounds of the dog & I fighting to the death*