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Losing a loved one during the holidays is tough. My dad died during Toyotathon


Taylor Swift tweeted a picture of her cat watching the Olympics and just as I suspected, Taylor’s bedroom looks like a giant doily.


Putting the word “rage” in everything you say you’re doing makes you sound more productive

I’m rage cleaning the house
I’m rage working this project
I’m rage homeschooling the kids
I’m rage drinking tequila


Parallel lines have so much in common. It’s a shame that they’ll never meet…


[mysterious British man rescues me]

Me: How?

Him: Bond [introducing himself as we leave prison], bail bond.


Unless you’re a female bat and you gave birth hanging upside down, I’m not interested in hearing about how your baby was born.


ME: Heyy baby, tonight I wanna take you to Clown Town.

HER: Don’t you mean Pound Town?

ME: *seductively puts on a rainbow wig and nods “no”*


*a jerk swings a hammer at me but i duck and hold up a birdhouse that’s one nail tap shy of being finished*


Nutritionist: Let’s identify those triggers that stop you from eating well, they could be subtle
M: I guess the main one is being awake


“I’d hit that”

-old people who drive