13: *walking into room*

Me: (on phone, talking about types of tomato plants) I like big boys. I’ve had good luck with them in the past.

13: *makes horrified face, turns, walks back out*

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Cop: Save it for the JUDGE!
*crook wraps up last slice of pizza in foil*
Lawyer: it’s too bad the judge had to miss our pizza party


I shouted “the blue Subaru with an Obama sticker left its lights on!” at Mt. Bachelor and had the *entire* hill to myself for an hour


When I say, “I’ve always wanted an island”, I meant in the Caribbean, not the kitchen.


If twitter has taught me anything about myself, it’s that my sexual orientation is Canadian.


I want to be a Walmart greeter just so I can tell customers who come in “everyone enters, but not everyone leaves”


I did some self care this morning. Got up early, took vitamins, did situps, ordered a new liver from Amazon


Those stupid stress balls don’t work!!!… I just ate one, and it got stuck in my throat… And now, I’m more stressed than before!!!


If you’re having money problems, don’t get discouraged. Two years ago I filed for bankruptcy and now I live in a tent in my uncle’s backyard


Before emjois i had to end texts to my girlfriends with “two girls holding hands* heart* kissy face* glass of wine* nail polish* red lips.”


“If I eat my arm, I can’t technically gain any weight” – my thought process after only 5 days of dieting.

I’m doomed.