3 men asked me out while I was shoveling out my car.

Lesson learned: showering and makeup are optional as long you’re grunting.

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I may seem confident on the outside but deep down on the inside I remember every time I’ve accidentally leaned on a light switch.


i’m not getting my boyfriend a PS5 because then i’d have to get ALL my boyfriends a PS5 and that’s just not financially feasible for me rn


Normal Person (being inconvenienced): I deserve better than this

Me (being stabbed w/swords): I’m so sorry for getting blood on your swords


Officer: do you know why I pulled you over?

Me: There is a sale on Cinnamon Bun Oreos

Officer: Get in my car it’s faster


GF: So we just wanted to say we’re engaged!

HER DAD [looks at me] you should have asked me first

ME: You’re not really my type though


“Excuse me, waiter? Can I get a doggy bag”
“Sorry ma’am, we only have Doge bags.”
Much leftovers
So pasta
Very taking home
Wow reheat at 350


20% of traffic accidents involve deer.Who allowed deer to drive in the first place?