3-year-old: I need a scarf.

Me: No, you don’t.

3: To tie up bad guys.

She needs a scarf.

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[SETI receives extraterrestrial signal from 95 light years away]

[scientist decodes message in the signal]



*shuts down road going both ways*
Right over here, officer. Here is where the accident happened.
*pulls tiny sheet over squirrel*


I just told my son we have all the ingredients that he needs to make toast, in case you were wondering how much vodka I drank last night.


All the toys under the tree
Have now gone
completely missing

You’ve been hit by
You’ve been struck by
Reverse Santa Claus


The guy behind me honked a nanosecond after the light turned green. So I put on my flashers and here I sit, tweeting about the whole thing


My favorite Skrillex song is the one where he drops a spoon into the garbage disposal and steps on a cat’s tail.


[me as a computer scientist] *pouring a computer into a test tube*


This Dollar Store thesaurus sure is coming in…
*shuffle shuffle*


[gates of Valhalla]

ODIN: did you die in battle?

[flashback to me suffocating in a children’s ninja turtle costume]

ME: ya


Me: Someone broke into the business next door last night.

Coworker: Wasn’t the building alarmed?

Me: Buildings don’t get scared.