8 out of 10 ladies at a karaoke bar who sing,“I Will Survive,” are hoping the enemies who wronged them are in the audience.

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Drug sniffing dogs are wrong 80 percent of the time. You would be too if you were sniffing drugs all day.


Her: We had the baby! She is 7lbs 3oz, born at 9:08am. We’ll be naming her tomorrow.

Me: Tomorrow is a terrible name for a baby, tbh.


Marc Anthony jeans at Kohl’s come in three cuts – tuberculosis, heroin addict and skeletor.


Ladies, do you think you’re hip and cool? Do you think you’re stylish? If so, having a teenage daughter may help clear these delusions from your head.


People who put a strip of bacon on a donut, where does it end? You wanna put a braised lambshank on my cupcake? Why don’t I open up my chocolate croissant and you can shove a live trout in it


English gangsters be like “Listen here my darling little G this delightful nook of absolute heaven is our area of residence and there’s simply no place for someone who was clearly born out off wedlock, …do you comprehend me my G”


How to run faster:

1. Drink a lot of water
2. Wait till u have to pee
3. Start running

You’re welcome


My Wife’s nickname for me is “Microsoft” because I’m good with computers.


Hold on guys, she’s not done laughing.