911: what’s ur emergency

me: i’m in a bad spot. can u come get me

911: what’s going on?

me: i’m in jail. i only get one call.

911: and why are you in jail?

me: im callin 911 too much :/

911: yep. you know what this means.

me: worse jail :/

911: *nods* worse jail

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I’m so embarrassed. I just learned that that Pringles holder on my treadmill is for water bottles!


Mirror mirror on the wall, please make me look like a mix between emaciated and “I’d hit that.”


For the low, low price of a $25 donation, you too can be totally annoyed by me for several days until you pay another $25 for me to shut up.


Good news: I learned how to build a fire.

Bad news: I need a new toaster oven.


I hate when The Little Mermaid is all “who cares no big deal I want more!” Like, you already have 20 thingamabobs you aquatic scumbag relax


How come Yoko Ono didn’t marry someone from Nickleback instead?


My tacos arrived with a fork on the plate. I can only guess it’s there to stab potential taco thieves.


Call me crazy but you can’t follow, star, retweet, and trophy me and then act surprised when I show up to your house in a wedding dress.