“911, what’s your emergency?”

Me: A cute guy at the laundromat walked past me while I was folding my period underwear.

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At my age, a new driver’s license doesn’t have an Expires On date. It has a Renew If You Haven’t Expired On date.


Accidentally threw out the lid of the ice cream. Now I’ve no choice but to eat it all.


having plans sounds like a good idea until you have to put on clothes and leave your house


judge: 99 yrs
me: is it cos i called ur gavel a justice hammer?
judge: no that actually helped
me: killing then
judge: yeah the killing


That awkward moment when a person says they need their beauty sleep when what they really need is plastic surgery.


I may not look good naked, but I’m a beautiful person on the insi….

Hahahaha just kidding

I look great naked


I really hate working late. My ride turns into a pumpkin and I always end up losing a shoe.


“If only children came with instructions,” the witch lamented while preheating the oven


Dude: You got a light?
Me: Sure.
*hand him a flashlight*
Dude: I mean for my cigarette.
Me: Yeah, he can use it.