A $300 dollar bat won’t fix a $2 dollar swing

-life lessons from Softball Coach

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[army training]

Sergeant: dude you gotta stop crying
Me, sobbing uncontrollably: this is torture
Sergeant: everyone has to make their own bed


Jehovah’s Witness: Do you have time to talk about Jesus?

Jesus: *In disguise* sure

JW: He’s lame

J: *rips off fake beard* Big mistake pal


Any phrase can be banalized,by adding “if you know what I mean” at the end.
EG: This morning my wife made me a ??tea,if you know what I mean



CENTURION: please state your date of birth
CENTURION: when is it tho


Please help. My husband just started running. He runs in jeans. With a belt. I don’t have anyone I can talk to about this. I am so alone.


“you’re too polite”
I am not
[two weeks earlier while my house is being robbed] sorry he doesn’t usually bark at strangers


Blind Date Tip: In the middle of dinner throw a surprise punch to see if they are really blind


If it acts like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck, then it is probably some girl on Instagram taking a selfie.


They should remake The Ring; instead of a tape, the creepy little girl uploads her video to YouTube and wipes out pretty much everybody.