A dating site for olds like me called Carbon Dating.

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It’s unfortunate when pasta night turns into a surprise family intervention.


The horror and trauma of explaining homosexuality to a child, as told by an internet mom.


Can we just cut the crap and make all serving sizes based on an actual person? No one is sitting down in front of the TV like “Can’t wait to eat these 9 chips!”


[Slaps string cheese out stranger’s hand]

Me: We are NOT animals. We do not bite the cheese without peeling.

5 year old: *cries*


Air Canada says 20,000 mobile app users have been affected by a data breach. On the upside, the hackers might know where your lost luggage is.


Me: The enemy launched a missile, sir

Sargeant: What’s the point of impact?

Me: Because otherwise there’s no boom, sir


My neighbor broke up w her bf and piled all his stuff on the curb and I just added a boxspring to it bc I’ve been meaning to get rid of it


*extends arm for handshake*

Me: Hello, it’s nice to meet you

Friend: Sorry, but my dad is blind