A younger man said I have a smokin hot body for an older woman…

I’m not sure if I should thank him or put him in a time-out.

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I can’t wait to find out who’s playing Donald Trump in the next season of American Horror Story


[Leaving office]
BOSS: I’m gonna work on my car this weekend

ME: Wow *shakes head* you really should consider getting a desk


“I hate hashtags!” Dad screams as he smashes his #1 Dad coffee mug against a wall.


Someone robbed a Pensacola WallMart of 300 cases of Red Bull. How do these people sleep at night.


Doctor: You have 6 months to live

Me: omg what can I do?

Doctor: Oh lots of things

Me: Phew

Doctor: but only for 6 months


Send prayers. Laura on Facebook didn’t realize she was out of syrup until AFTER the pancakes were made! It’s causing quite a stir…


*walks into work 20 minutes late*
*boss glares at me*
“Sorry. Traffic.”
*boss gestures to my Starbucks cup*
“Oh this? I found it.”


Neighbor: OMG your yard looks amazing
Me: thanks, I pee in it every Saturday night


4-year-old: *looks at our pig* Which pig is she?

Me: What do you mean?

4: Is her house made of bricks or sticks?