According to tinder, every guy is at a lake holding a fish & every girl is on top of a mountain & that’s why it’s so tragically hard to meet

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*In the back of an ambulance

Me: Change the radio station

Paramedic: Please don’t speak. You need to save your energy

Me: Im not dying to a Nickelback song


Saw 8 vasectomy billboards on my 4 hour road trip through Florida yesterday. It’s like Florida knows what has to be done to Florida.


I bought silk pyjamas to go with our new silk sheets. I jumped into bed and woke up in my neighbour’s flower bed


Me: Everyone has that one restaurant they’re embarrassed to walk into when it’s daylight

Taco Bell employee, from across the street: Hey Adam!

Me: *runs away*


[road trip]

Me: one more word out of you and I’ll turn this car right around!

Kid: but



Therapist: What’s your earliest memory?

Me: Crying to my mom when I couldn’t find my shoes

Therapist: So around what, five?

Me: Seven this morning


Just because I’ve forgiven you doesn’t mean I won’t want to throat punch you the next time I see you.

Thought you should know.


There are two types of people in this world: those who finish things


In my opinion – until they add extra fries, a martini & a joint – they have no business calling it a Happy Meal


a black mirror episode where u text someone and they screenshot it for 27.9m ppl