Am I financially wealthy? No.

But am I rich when it comes to relationships, happiness, and experiences? Still no.

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UPS: your package arrived in your city and wiII be delivered at 4:10pm

FedEx: your package is on the way, you will get it when we get it to you

USPS: you ordered something..right?

Amazon: we’re in your house

Instagram: you were thinking about this item so heres 5 ads about it


Him: It’s like people are going feral.

Me: *looks in mirror*
*tries to run fingers through my hair*
*hand gets stuck in rat’s nest*
*flicks ham off my shirt*
*takes deep breath*
*straightens shoulders*
*lifts chin*

It’s finally my time to shine. I shall be their leader.


Subway Guy: Enjoy your sandwich

Me: You too!

Subway Guy:


Me: *gives him my sandwich* this is yours now


My toddler fell, smashed his face into the cement, then played it off like he was giving the ground a kiss.

No DNA test necessary.


Just showed my 4 yo niece that I can still do a cartwheel and now she is showing me where the ice packs are.


I’m dressing up as a public radio station for Halloween so my parents will support me again.


WIFE: it’s your turn to change the baby. he left you a little present haha

ME: *opens diaper* how the hell did he get an x box in there??