[American TV]
SHOWRUNNER: We’ll have 184 episodes over 8 years and possibly 3 spin-offs.

[British TV]
SHOWRUNNER: We’ll run for 63 years. There will be one episode a year. Some years there won’t be any. Alternatively we can do 8 episodes right now then never mention it again.

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“haha this costume party is great”
“sir PLEASE get off the table”
“cool librarian costume”
*sprays silly string*
“hey dude nice police costu


*approaches pond*
*water recedes*
*turns away*
*water returns*
What the ??
*approaches pond*
*water recedes*
Oh, I see. This is a coy pond.


If my “check engine” light would check my wallet, it would know there’s nothing I can do about it.


Alright! Everyone that got a DM containing a map to my treehouse, meet there in 15 mins. Those who didn’t, maybe consider being nicer to me.


Want to feel old? Have a kid ask you why it’s called “rolling down the car window” when all you do is press a button.


“Some people say I’m an animal in the sack.” – baby kangaroo


All I did from 1984-1990 was try to shoot the laughing dog in Duck Hunt


Of all the things I could be called, on the phone is my least favourite.