Anne Boleyn: My love, I wait for but one word from you
Henry VIII: New phone who dis
Anne: Your wife
Henry VIII: Lol which one

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Sorry, can’t. My husband is having a snoring contest with the dog and apparently I’m the judge.


I don’t tweet about my boss because I don’t wanna be a suspect when he disappears.


[ouija board]
“Spirits are u there?
I A M H E R E. Y O U W A N N A T A L K? Y O U W A N N A H A N G O U T?
“A needy board?”




-Me, on a Tuesday


Demi Lovato is my favorite singer that is half human, half Lovato.


Alien 1: What are the Humans doing?

Alien 2: Celebrating the existence of their mothers.

Alien 1: I ate my mother.

Alien 2: As did I.


It’s too bad my sister wasn’t kinder to me in middle school.

**orders nephew a bullhorn for Christmas**


You may recognize me from such films as:

HR surveillance footage 11/13/12
HR surveillance footage 01/22/13
HR surveillance footage 02/28/13