[answering my shoe like a phone] hold on i can’t hear you let me put you on sneaker

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Me: Hurry up kid. We’re gonna be late for school

6 y/o daughter: *begins eating each Lucky Charms marshmallow individually*


Me: My waitress said “Have a nice day” and I replied “I love you too, Mommy.” Lol, that could happen to anyone, right?

Therapist’s notes: “I’ve got a live one here.”


Everybody is tweeting “OMG I CANT BELIEVE ITS MARCH”, I’m like tf’ you you think came after February ? February Jr.?


Obama: “Anybody else wanna see my birth certificate?” Drops mic, walks away.


Went to get coffee for a coworker.

I effed up the order, but used it as a teaching opportunity to illustrate the dangers of outsourcing.


My lunch consisted of taste-testing 30 opened bags of chips in the pantry for freshness.


My husband said when I wear my hair on top of my head, I look like a pineapple or a genie. I told him to pick one fast so I can decide where he sleeps tonight.


At least once a day I say “nice to meet you” to someone I’ve already met which is a great feeling for all involved.


If you take longer than 10 seconds at the hand dryer, I will wipe my hands on the back of your shirt.


[anniversary text]

H: miss u already. don’t get too lonely in that hotel suite w/o me.

M: *soaking in hot tub, sipping 4th mimosa while eating chocolate covered strawberries* who dis?