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son: and this one?
me: also carrots
son: I don’t like carrots
me: I know

[how I’ve kept my 2 year old from opening the family gifts under the tree]


CHEF: Someone needs to prepare the chicken

ME: I’ll do it *sits chicken down* look dude, this isn’t gonna be a good day for you


my cat: i think we can all agree that it’s time for me to scream


Satan: “I’m gonna put letters in mathematics. Lol!”

God: “I’m gonna make them all kill each other because of me.”

Satan: “Dude…”


The efficient part about falling asleep on the toilet at work is that inevitably someone who had beans for lunch will come and wake you.


Advantage of seeing a goose: you just saw something interesting my friend.

Disadvantage: next goose experience less meaningful


Pro tip: Never explain to your wife that it’s the washer and dryer that actually does the laundry.


Day 8 of quitting smoking: I have 376 gallons of blood to donate. Various types. None is mine.


My bank has informed me that Twitter followers can not be used as collateral for a car loan. You guys are useless.


a cute girl stopped behind my laptop as I was full screen on a pic of bread and I didn’t know what to say so I stammered out “I like bread”