Anyone else notice the world starting to get worse after Iron Man died?

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I was thinking about going jogging and after I stopped laughing I made a sandwich.


*licks the powdered sugar off the donuts and puts them back*

Boss: I kinda like these new low-cal donuts. Real moist.


There are unfortunate spelling errors, and then there’s this.


I think Yahoo! news is written by someone who’s had significant head trauma.


Wife: The soap recipe calls for essential oils

Me: *pours*

Wife: And now lye

Me: I’m *not* attracted to several of the Muppets

Wife: What

Me: What


Me: [from table] gar?on! *claps hands* another round for my date and me.

McDonald’s cashier: sir, you have to come to the counter to order


Before my daughter went to college I made her watch her birthing video, just to remind her how badly one fun night at a keg party can end.