Are there any rules for lending your kids out as migrant workers?

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dinosaur: [walks out of divorce court to find a parking ticket on his car] ugh this day can’t get any wor


Me: huh why is Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shrimp trending
30 seconds later: I’ve made a terrible mistake


My 2yr old tells people that grandma goes to a booty shop. My mom asks that I help her say beauty correctly, but this way is much more fun.


Me: Why are you running away like that? What’d you do?

My 6 year old: Nothing, I just thought you’d checked my closet.


My son, frantically calling and texting, as if life depended upon it.
He’s brokered world peace?
Severed a limb?
Celebrating an international business deal?
How does one make tacos.


Someone a few houses over is having a party. I can hear the music and laughter and people enjoying themselves. I’m calling the damn cops.


I smelled alcohol and got all excited then realized it was only hand sanitizer.


Day 22 of quarantine and I’ve turned my living room into a nudist colony. The kids hate it but I’ve finally obtained some privacy