[at a dive bar]

Friend: Look, I know you’re disappointed, but we should at least have one drink.

Me: *wearing flippers, a wetsuit and a snorkle* I’d like to leave, please.

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Just heard that distinct “baby fell out of the crib and into a pizza that was on the floor” sound


I’ve trained my cat so that when I call his name he stares at me coldly for 6 seconds and then leaves the room for 2-5 hours.


My daughter has decided singing happy birthday to her is punishable by death

Maternity confirmed


i wrote my own vows *removes paper*
“chickety china the chinese chicken”
whoops wrong one *2nd paper*
“if i had $1,000,000”


“He looks just like his grandfather” is a cute thing said about a new baby in most parts of the world. In Alabama,it’s more of an accusation


Saw a deer standing beside the highway this morning watching the traffic go by.Guess he was trying to figure out who’s day he wanted to ruin


If he’s a nice guy and treats you well, does it really matter what colour his Maserati is?


What’s with these people who take a sip of their coffee as soon as they get it? Who are these iron-mouthed warriors?


Wild horses could easily drag me away.

Probably a good sized dog or motivated cat could do the trick.

A big bunch of gerbils, maybe.