At a doctor appointment:

“Step up on the scale”
Jokingly, “Do I have to?”


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Boy at FBI headquarters saw pictures of 10 most wanted men & said, “Why didn’t you keep them when you took their picture?”


My kid can’t see the backpack hanging on his doorknob but he can find a Kit-Kat bar I hid in the attic


People tend to overreact when they look in their rear view mirror & see you sitting in their backseat dressed like a clown.


My mom loves telling people that I practically raised myself. I used to think she was proud of my independence, but now I realize she’s been distancing herself from blame.


I hate when a couple argues in public but I missed the start and don’t know whose side I’m on.


My son thinks declaring “yuck” to every meal I prepare can break me, but he doesn’t realize academic life has hardened me from rejection. So, joke’s on him.


friend: this has been the worst day of my life

me, an aspiring motivational life coach: worst day of your life SO FAR


ME: The kids have ruined their shoes
WIFE: Again? [sighs] Just throw them out

ME: Stop crying kids, your mum says you have to leave


me: lord if you’re up there, give me a sign

booming voice from above: LOG OFF

me: that could’ve been anyone


“Sorry I didn’t have a chance to clean up the place,” I say as I wave dismissively at the chalk outline drawn on the living room floor.