[at White Castle]

clerk: can I get your name
me: Carly
clerk: Carla?
me: Carly
clerk: Carleen?
me: no, Carly, like Carly Rae Jepsen

[5 minutes later]
clerk: Ray Jepsen, order’s up!

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I saw a fat kid sitting on a seesaw all by himself. I stopped and waited for another kid to fall from the sky. I left disappointed.


Hiking is useful if you like the outdoors, fitness, or finding new and interesting places to dispose of bodies


Guy told me I have “Bambi eyes”…is that even a compliment? Oh god, please don’t shoot my mother.


Unfortunately I’ve determined that sucking up is part of human nature because it works and yes my boss DID look very nice today…


Stop me if you’ve heard this one

Daddy I’m full

Ok, but the kitchen is closed for the night

(after cleaning up dinner)

Daddy I’m hungry


> bench85
> bench285


How long are you supposed to wait before you unpause the tv after you’ve told your wife that you’re gay?


Ok don’t judge me, but sometimes I wonder what color does a smurf turn into if I choke it.


Sweeping a woman off her feet is easy if you know karate


We have a ghost. Came home and found the fridge magnets rearranged: “I see dreadful people.”