AVRIL LAVIGNE: he was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it anymore obvious


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Good Cop: why is your baby crying
Mom: he just won’t take a nap
Pun Cop: looks like he’s
Good Cop: if u say resisting a rest i swear to god


Friend: Does Jesus live in you?

Me, Very Fat: I don’t know, he probably could though.


I want my house to be tidy enough that if someone unexpectedly stops by, it doesn’t look like we’re seven hours in to battling a bear that broke in.


The best part of being lactose intolerant is the cure for constipation is cheese.


The most romantic restaurant in the world is not as dimly lit as the operating room on a TV medical drama.


I miss those two years in the nineties when instead of using sarcasm we’d just say the opposite of what we were thinking followed by “NOT”


ME: What tattoo should I get?

TATTOO ARTIST: Something meaningful that represents love and connection.

ME: One ravioli on my thigh please.


Girls get so turned on when you take charge. Grab her hair and tell her she needs a shampoo with no harsh sulfates and a new lip stain.


Men think of arguments as single isolated events. Women, in my experience, think of them as installments in some sort of perpetual continuum


“It’s your father; he’s been hitting the sauce pretty hard.”

*My father stumbles in with hollandaise in a highball glass* wassssssup!