Bad weather is My way of temporarily punishing you. Bad climate is your way of permanently punishing you.

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I feel like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have a $1 bet that Trump can make Hillary president and Bill can make her not president.


Coworker: it’s dark already
Me: I know, Dan. I have eyes
CoW: it’s only 5 ‘o clock
CoW: it’s early


Yesterday my daughter asked how babies are made, and I gave such a terrible explanation she now thinks babies come from eggs.


I’m like a potato because I’m:

-not special, but I’m usually likeable
-full of carbs
-not always good for you
-really white under this outer layer
-more interesting when I’m salty
-tasty if slathered in butter


Hey ghosts, I just updated my kitchen with open shelving good luck slamming the cupboards you nerds


Why are there stitch marks on zombies? Who’s giving them medical attention?


If you get into a fight with a polar bear, boost your chances of success by requesting a postponement until 2065. There’s a good chance polar bears will be extinct by then so you’ll win by default for just turning up


A guy sat 6 feet across from me and tried to hit on me. I said, “what? I can’t hear you.” he goes, “Awww man!! Coronavirus be killing my game!!!” and left defeated.