[bday party]
Mum: happy birthday son
Me: wow that’s a huge cake!
Mum: its full of bees
Me: what
Mum [backing away]: I said it’s cream cheese

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ME: Eat your lemon
ME: It stops scurvy
PIRATE: [folds arms, shuts eye]
ME: [carves tiny skull on lemon]
PIRATE: [opens eye a bit]


Actually Jesus wasn’t the carpenter, Joseph was. You’re thinking of the Carpenter’s Monster


Attn Single people: If marriage was so great, there would be 6 people on Twitter right now…..


I swallowed an ice cube yesterday and still haven’t pooped it out.
I’m getting really concerned.


Me 5pm: Need to go easy on the booze tonight, have to function tomorrow.

Me 1am: *twerking in a Denny’s parking lot.


One day I’m probably going to be too lazy to breathe and just die.


*gains winter weight for “insulation”

*is now fat and cold


Coming Soon
Jason Statham is a reluctant thief with a heart of gold

*cue explosion*


*fade to black*