Be the reason why you need two priests at your exorcism.

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Me: *seeing a used condom on my lawn* This is disgusting!



me: but it says it RIGHT HERE, philippians 4:13 “i can do all things through christ who strengthens me”

priest: ok again, the lord is not going to help you [sighs] “get hella laid”


Me: for my first wish I want 20 dollars

Genie: done. and your second?

Me: infinite money

Genie: no can do

Me: *slips him my first wish* how about now


[On a date]

Me: I want to be buried under a large oak tree, give my body back to the earth

Him: that’s so sweet

Me: no I mean right now


boy: WOLF!

villager: nope, that’s a coyote

boy: *getting attacked by the coyote* please help me

villager: *already walking away* sorry I don’t hear liars


saying “eat the rich”

-been done
-makes people think you’re a cannibal

saying “ok boomer”

-hurtful to a generation that ruined the planet and economy


my mom: we found this under your bed and we are very disappointed *pulls out copy of “drugs for dummies”*

my dad: lol nerd


Shout out to the top 5 suits in the world, 3-piece, zoot, swim, law and birthday.