Being Asian means I will look 20 until I turn 65 then the next day I look 2000.

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Boss: We’ve just found out that one of you is a sloth

Jim: oh no

Jo: oh no

Karl: oh no

Boss: obviously we will need to

Me: oh no


[picks up scalp massager]

Me: what’s this thing called

Store Clerk: that’s a head scratcher

Me: well take a guess my man


5yo and her friend just ended an argument by deciding they would “have a piece of cheese and calm down”

So, yeah, she’s mine.


6yo: Wow you look much better already daddy! Will you be able to have the stitches out soon?

Taxidermist: He will not


🎶Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me🎶



I “pet zone” girls. It’s like the friend zone, but, I only hang out if your dog will be there.


Interviewer 1: Describe yourself in one word

Me: Hired

Interviewer 2:[whispers] Holy shit can she do that??