BELLE: *Trying to be polite* So, why do they call you Beast?

BEAST: *Legitimately surprised and hurt* People call me Beast?

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Michelle Obama should have dropped the mic and moonwalked out.


This bank pen tastes like it’s been in a lot of other people’s mouths


🙂 I’m happy
😉 Having a seizure. Still happy
:/ Having a stroke. Not happy
🙁 I’m a grouper
.) Lost an eye. Still happy


I love using food in the bedroom!

But, when it comes to wearing a condiment…

I mayo may not.


That walk of shame when you fail at throwing a ball of paper into the garbage.


black friday is crazy, I just maced a kid then some old woman shot me with a crossbow


My brother threw a rock at my sister when we were kids. It broke a window, and he blamed her because she ducked.


By this time of year baby Jesus was probably already totally sick of playing with his frankincense.


A remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it’s targeted towards adults and takes place in a cheese factory