Black Friday through the years:

2005: 5am
2010: 3am
2012: 12am
2013: Thursday 8pm
2014: Thursday
2020: 4th of July

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It was an unfortunate incident, but at least Doug learned he should never lick his light saber after using it to cut chocolate cake.


Actually the first 38 years of my childhood have been the hardest.


My husband thinks it’s funny how I have nothing to wear until I pack 4 suitcases for a trip.


Sometimes I pet a cat just to make it bathe itself all over again


There’s nothing like the joy on a kid’s face when he first sees the PlayStation box containing the socks I got him for Christmas.


Why don’t those badass UFC guys use their fighting skills to defend themselves against terrible tattoo artists?


I wasn’t going to follow you but that bible verse in your bio totally changed my mind.


What percentage of the zombies are just chasing you down to tell you they’re vegan?


To understand the difference between Italians and Canadians all you need to know is two things. Italian sausage and Canadian bacon…


Always have a fake name at the ready so you don’t tell the cops something stupid, like “Andrew Granola.”