[black jack]

ME: hit me
D: 16
M: hit me
D: 23
M: hit me
M: make it look good so my wife believes I was mugged

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my ex: sometimes I forget why we ever broke up

me: when you do that sigh thing I can hear your nose hair


I like staying in because soon as I step outside I spend $100


SON: Why did mommy leave?

ME: You know how in your fav movie the t-rex fights the velociraptors even though it might die?

SON: Yeah

ME: She said that shit was fake yo


2020: How to turn 5 pieces of clothing into a yearlong wardrobe.


as a job-stealing immigrant, I now have 36 jobs and counting. I keep them in my basement like some kind of job dragon. what you gonna do


Pretty sure Dora goes on crazy adventures with a monkey because her mom is on Twitter.


I don’t like it when a pretty girl with glasses takes them off, and her eyes were actually painted onto the inside of the lenses.


It turns out that you can only spray so many people down with Febreze before they fire you as a Wal Mart greeter.