Brb taking my potted plant for a walk

“And that is tha sunshine, and this is another plant, you guys can’t be friends he lives outside”

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CRAIGSLIST AD: Wanted – chicken nugget shaped like Rafael. Have 2 Leonardo’s, willing to trade. Serious offers only. No Michaelangelo’s.


I just farted & my dog looked at me like i asked her a calculus question


I can’t personally remember an Olympics with better toilet reporting


Husband: What’s up with the notepad taped to your arm?

Me: It’s so I don’t forget to write down my tweet material.



H: I think it’s time to take a break…

Me: Ok, I’ll miss you but I support your decision.

H: …from twitter


It’s almost as if the kids at this campsite don’t get how funny it is that I bust in their tent at 4am wearing a clown suit & holding an ax.


Only in America would people violently trample each other for discounts, exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have…


One time i saw a man eat a whole apple, core and everything. Motherboard and power supply too. The man ate a computer it was horrifying


“Welcome, Mr. Bond.” I say, spinning around on my chair. My elbow catches the glass on the table and spills water all over my death ray.


Somewhere out there, there must be a toddler who has eaten all of their dinner after only being asked once. I want to believe.


Boss [coming into my cubicle]: Hey can you-
Boss: Um.
Me [in bathrobe and slippers, smoking a cigar while playing guitar]: I really thought I’d be the only one here.