*brings cake to bed for an after sex treat*

Me: want a piece?

Her: wrong, whole.

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Cardinal: Ordinations are down
Pope: Maybe a recruiting poster?
C: Slogan?
P: “We separate the men from the boys!”
C: Um… Any other ideas?


Recently joined the mile high club sandwich. That’s when you have sex on a plane, and it’s with a sandwich


I watched Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about Milky Ways for an hour and I still have no idea what nougat is.


I don’t mean to brag but I’ve perfected the confused look whenever my credit cards get declined


How can my mum hear me whisper something under my breath but can’t hear me shout YEAHHHH from my room when she screams my name 10 times


“I don’t need any more books. I need to finish the books I have.”

Sees new book:


A “cup of Joe” has a completely different meaning at the sperm bank


When you wave your hand under automatic soap dispenser for 45 seconds and nothing, then it dispenses the minute you switch to the next one.


I’m not a nun goddammit. Unless my kids are on Twitter, in which case, I ONLY HAD SEX WITH YOUR DAD THREE (3) TIMES AND IT WASN’T FUN OK?!?


it may be taboo, but i always climb down a ladder head first