[buying cucumber and vaseline]
me: got an awesome night planned
clerk: eugh
[later, eating a cucumber and vaseline sandwich]
this is awful

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cops: neighbours reported sounds of a struggle
**i begin to weep as I glance at my skinny jeans**


Yeah, cigarettes make you cool but they also take years off your life. Those are just two benefits.


I wonder if the woman sitting in front of me at this game knows I can see every sexy text she sends her man as she sits close beside her other man.


*uneasily answers phone

‘Guess who?’








‘No, I made you very happy the other night’

Haagen Daz?


Pizza Hut?


10’s teacher: Your son has excellent grades

Me: Cool

Teacher: And a very sarcastic sense of humor

Me: *tears up* I couldn’t be more proud


Rededicate Christopher Columbus statues to the Chris Columbus who directed Mrs. Doubtfire


DOG DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: Please assume the correct position for operating a vehicle.
DOG STUDENT: *sticks head out window*
DDI: Excellent.


My dog acts like he’s always auditioning to be my best friend. I’m like “Dude, you already got the part…you can relax.”


I was kicked out of the gym for arguing with my step aerobics instructor, but I don’t care. She’s not my real aerobics instructor.


Why you on this flight to LA?

“I’m shooting a pilot for a new TV series”

What’s it called?

“So you think you can emergency land a plane?”