Me: (flashlight to face) “af” didn’t exist.

Millennials: (gasp)

Me: We had to use “adverbs.”

(one faints)

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Friend: What do your kids like to eat?

Me: Anything that is on my plate, even though it’s also on theirs.


Your favourite character is Baby Yoda. Mine is Darth Vader. We are not the same.


me: then why is your slogan “finger lickin’ go-”
kfc clerk: -your own fingers.


This guy in this waiting room is talking to me.

I’m gonna marry him so he’ll leave me alone.


FBI: I can’t unlock my phone
Genius: is that a fake mustache over your mustache?
FBI into earpiece: Operation Twostache has been compromised


DEMON: How much longer are we going to let him do that?

SATAN: [rubbing the bridge of his nose] Just … just give him a minute

ME: [still pushing on the gates to Hell that are clearly labeled Pull]


the early bird gets the worm but so does the bird that gets outta bed around 1pm because there are plenty of worms out there believe me


NORTH CAROLINA:We believe in family values.
ME:Like Disney movies?
ME:Like Mulan, where a cross dresser saves China?