Can prisoners ask for The Olive Garden’s Endless Pasta for their last meal?
If so, I think I just found a loophole in our judicial system.

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I’m at my most immature when girls misspell “cologne” and start talking about how bad a man’s colon smells


One tricky thing about kids crying is trying to determine if they broke a crayon or got their arm stuck in a piece of farming equipment.


Nothing fills an awkward silence like a 10 minute kazoo solo.


BEAR JESUS: *Emerges from cave after 3 days*

EVERYONE ELSE: This… this is not as impressive.


John Hammond: *proudly* We spared no expense

Me: Your security team is literally one Australian dude in short shorts


me: *waking up* who’s there

monster under bed: hi

me: *shaking* omg you’re real

monster under bed: but i won’t hurt you

me: oh

monster under bed: just give me all your halloween candy

me: dad?

monster under bed *taking off mask to reveal my dad*: dad tax


[on a deserted island, receives message in a bottle]
“We’ve been trying to reach you regarding your car’s expired warranty”


charcuterie boards are great bc where else can you consume thousands of calories worth of a mysterious cheese you keep eating bc you can’t figure out if you like it or not


It wasn’t weird until my husband asked why I didn’t send him the nudes I made him take of me.